Our Family

Left to Right: Nick, Makensie, Meri, Molly, Connie, Mia Gabriella

We are the Hartsfield family. In 2014, while visiting the Dominican Republic, God called us to serve as missionaries there. At the time, we were living about 45 minutes north of Tampa, FL. We were enjoying the life and many friends that we had there, but when God speaks there’s no ignoring it. In September 2014, after much preparation, we relocated our family of 5 to Santiago, Dominican Republic. Our missionary journey thus far has been adventurous, exciting, scary, elating, and every other emotion that you can think of. It has looked much different than we expected, but we’re learning to trust God more each day. Recently, God saw fit to bring us a new daughter and we are now a family of 6. The Dominican Republic is a beautiful country with beautiful people. We are so grateful that God brought us here and is walking with us daily as we serve His people.

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