No matter who you are or what your background is, chances are, there is a place somewhere on this planet that you call home. Home takes on a different appearance to different people and even changes as we walk through life. However, I would venture to say that we all associate a level of comfort…

Responding to the Call

Well, hello there! Whether you meant to end up here or not please know that we deeply appreciate the visit. Now that you are here you might as well take a moment and read the following post 🙂

Agape Flights

We had the opportunity to visit Agape Flights in Venice, FL this weekend and I have to admit that I have discovered yet another operation that just blows me away. Agape Flights has been around for over 30 years and serves as an integral lifeline to more than 350 missionary families serving throughout the Caribbean….

Ok God, You Have My Attention

On a not so common Saturday night Connie and I touched down, along with two very good friends (Kip and Kristi), at the Santiago International airport in the Dominican Republic. It was the 3rd such occasion for me and the first for Connie. Although this was not my first trip to the Dominican, it would…