Do You Trust Me Enough?

I’ve recently found myself looking for answers to questions that, honestly, I have no clue how to answer. As I’ve done many times, I’ve looked to God for those answers. When I step back and look at the last 19 months I see God’s hand all over our journey. In February of 2014, God said “go” and we said “ok”. We asked “how” and he said “watch”. Seven months later we were living in the Dominican Republic amazed at how everything had come together with little effort on our part. The first week of September marked one year since we arrived in the Dominican Republic. As I look back over those 12 months I can see a huge amount of direction and guidance from God. Some of which I paid attention to and some of which I didn’t (just being honest). As I once again go to Him for answers, because I have no idea how to take the next step, He’s turning the tables. I’m finding myself in a place where I’m now being asked a question: “Do you trust me enough”? I’m acutely aware that God isn’t looking for a verbal answer to this question. My words here don’t matter. This is one of those questions that can only be responded to with action — a step of faith.

I have gained so much encouragement and peace from the stories and writings of Paul in the Bible over the past year. This moment is proving to be no different. In 2 Corinthians, Paul tells the Church of Corinth, in his letter, that God has communicated to him: “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” [2 Corinthians 12:9] As we set out on the next leg of our journey our weaknesses are more evident than ever. I don’t have the answers, I don’t have the skills, and I don’t have the ability. I know that doesn’t sound like the words of encouragement and peace, but that’s where you’re wrong. There is no denying the fact that God has called us and brought us to where we sit today. He has shown that he is trustworthy, even though He had nothing to prove. He has provided us comfort, even though we didn’t deserve it. He has given us answers, even though it was not required. What does all this mean? Well, I suppose it means that we are in a perfect place for His power to work best.

Time after time I see, in the Bible, examples of God asking for obedience without giving all the details. I have often said that I wish God would just provide a burning bush experience so that things would be clear. However, even though Moses had a burning bush the only direction he got was to “go” (Exodus 3:10). Moses had no idea what his journey would look like. When Jesus first approached the disciples he merely said “follow me” (Matthew 4:19). He didn’t give details as to how that journey would play out. When Saul had his Damascus road experience, God told him to “Get up and go into the city” (Acts 9:6); again, no details as to what was next. In each of these examples the obedience of normal people led to God doing something huge in their lives and the lives of others. Had they not taken that first step of obedience God wouldn’t have had the opportunity to reveal the rest of the plan.

We were very fortunate to have served with a ministry such as Project Mañana during our first year here. There is no denying that fact that this opportunity was a door opened by God. We pray that God will continue to do amazing things through this ministry that has taught us so much. However, as God leads our family in a different direction we are willing to follow. We will take the next step and trust that He will guide each step thereafter. We will continue forward with the understanding that we are weak, but, at the same time, grasp firmly to the belief that He is strong and He is able. We are in a place where we have no choice but to be completely dependent on Him. Whatever comes next is His and for His glory. I believe that being in a place of total dependence on Him is exactly where He wants us to be. By the way, it’s where He wants us ALL to be.