New Partnership with CTEN!



Hi Everyone,

I hope that you are well and had a chance to spend time with family/friends during the recent Thanksgiving holiday. Our family had a great day celebrating with a house full of guests and a table full of traditional Thanksgiving recipes. Our Dominican guests were quite intrigued with: 1) the fact that we deep-fried an entire turkey and 2) the odd looking stuff we call cranberry sauce. They did enjoy most of the food but admitted that some was “a little weird”. I have to admit that it was nice to be able to share just a little of our culture with those that have been teaching us so much about the Dominican culture.

Before I get to our announcement, let me first give credit where credit is due. We have learned a great deal during our first year on the field serving with Project Mañana. We are thankful for the experience and opportunity to serve along side of them for this time. We are also grateful for their assistance with moving to and getting settled in the Dominican Republic. We have no doubt that God brought us to Project Mañana just as we have no doubt that he is now taking us in a different direction.

With that sDARKER transparent logoaid, it is with excitement that we’d like to announce that we are now officially partnered with Commission to Every Nation ( The folks from CTEN have been walking through this transition with us for the past several weeks providing valuable encouragement and direction. We are thankful for this partnership and glad to finally bring you in as well. With that said, let me introduce you:

Commission To Every Nation is a non-denominational missionary sending agency helping “Ordinary People Partner with God to Accomplish the Extraordinary”. Our goal is to advance the Gospel to every nation. More than 555 missionaries serve in over 58 countries to improve the spiritual, educational, and physical, conditions of people worldwide. These missionaries come from many nations, not just North America. We continue to see medical clinics, theological schools, linguistics efforts, homes for abused girls, orphanages, pastoral training, audio programs for indigenous and many more ministries make a difference in people’s lives. Each missionary is able to fulfill their individual mission calling as we come along side with pastoral care and providing the home support.

Commission To Every Nation is also evaluated by several watch-dog agencies meaning that you can give with confidence. You can check out those evaluations here:

If you have further questions about CTEN or what they do please feel free to ask. I’m happy to provide any information that you’d like. If you are interested in getting involved, we’d love to have you. Visit our support page or send me a note directly, we’d love to chat.


Nick and Connie